Flower Press


Made from solid oak, this handcrafted flower press is a lovely piece that can be enjoyed time and time again and displayed pride of place in the home or studio.

Each press comes fully assembled consisting of 2 x 2cm thick pieces of solid oak sandwiching 8 layers of double walled cardboard with 6 pieces of craft paper provided to get you started. Simply add more paper or replenish when needed.

We recommend always placing the flowers between paper when pressing, to prolong the life of the cardboard layers and for best results, try not to overlap flowers or overfill layers.

Wingnuts make opening and reassembling the press really simple. To fully tighten or loosen, simply use the provided allen key to help grip the 8cm bolt whilst rotating the wing nut. This may not always be required but helps to get an even pressure across the press.

Flower pressing can take time to perfect, from the picking or foraging to opening out the layers, it’s a lovely experience and experimenting is part of the process, adding to the enjoyment.

Height: Approx. 8cm
Width: Approx. 15.5cm
Depth: Approx. 21cm

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Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 15.5 × 8 cm

All wooden products are handmade and due to the nature of wood the item you receive may differ slightly from the image and description. Grain patterns, size and colour may vary from piece to piece.




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